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Today's Self Care

Posted by Mihaela on November 25, 2019

How do you start your day? We know very well that most of the youth start their day by checking their social sites ... to see "what's new after one night" ... What can be new? A fake smile, a retouched picture ... that has nothing in common with reality ... and how do you do it? Like this … "with hands tied"...voluntarily...

checking phone

You know, at times, grandparents, already retired, started their day reading newspapers ... they spent their evenings watching a boring show ... why? Because they were at the moment of "life already lived" ... with many things done…

The attitude of the majority of young people today is sad ... and it has serious repercussions on the state of mind and the intellectual and emotional development ... Because they behave like the old men who read the newspaper to find something new because they could not bring something new ... So the young people of today are old already ... 😊 They have no desire for creation ... of life itself ... and they are looking for something new in illusions ... without trying for a second to see over 5, 10 years ... Without trying to make a real distinction between good and evil for their own evolution. Both physically and emotionally.

happy morning

Have you ever tried to start the day by giving yourself something? A ray of light ... a glimpse of one's self ... at all levels? Have you tried to give the eye and spirit something different from illusion and routine? Try! You will age much later and much more beautifully 😊

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