There is in the media a real war between believers and non-believers

Who and what has to gain?

Posted by Mihaela on December 19, 2019

Well, happened to me quite often to see conflicting discussions between believers and non-believers in the online environment.

Regardless of which category you belong to, try to be neutral and watch such discussions carefully. I belong to the first category, I am faithful. I was born an Orthodox Christian. In fact, each of us follows the rituals of the religion in which he/she was born. Especially in important moments in life. There are different habits at the birth of a child, at marriages, at the death of someone and funerals... in which we all participate. To be with family, friends or colleagues. So the non-believers follow certain inherited rules according to the religion in which they were born. Right? Then why so much fight for or against faith or religions?

believers vs non believers

Regardless of the situation, each individual has and believes in own beliefs. Regardless of spiritual inheritance. And should be so normal to respect each other's choices as long as they don't hurt others. For example, I never read a holy book. But I believe in God. That's how I was born. Nobody imposed that on me. In time many people told me: "You speak from the holy book" ... And wasn't just about a certain holy book. Because I had discussions with people from different religions. But not about religion 😊 Have non-believers friends also.

That made me read a little bit of each holy book.

talking listening balance

And yes, I found myself in certain passages in these books: in normality and beauty. In decency and kindness. Things that people should feel and do without reading. Each book contains good and normal things. On the other hand, every holy book contains things that I cannot agree with...

But one thing is certain. In all the debates or discussions between believers and non-believers, the latter have always been more aggressive. Too aggressive, able to offend to support their point of view. Some being so convinced that "science will prove one day their theory or convictions".

Sad. Science has failed to discover a treatment for many diseases that bring down young people, children... Have you ever wondered why? Precisely because they failed to discover the source of life on earth…

talking listening balance

And why would anyone need science and evidence for their own beliefs? We need science, but for something else. Personal, inner "things" we discover by ourselves: love, passion, being parents… taste for food and others… If you like onion others shouldn't like it just because you do 😊 Same ...we love differently, we are more or less passionate, there are parents who know to be parents...others not...and so on. For our own senses, emotions, tastes and convictions...we can't expect or say that others will prove it. Same as we don't need to prove ourselves.

It rarely happens to see faithful people trying to impose their faith on others ... Or mocking ... or saying that someone will "prove it". There are also exceptions, in both cases ... many use faith or atheism as a weapon of war ... Of course, no one should do that…

I use to say only one thing to those who say that God does not exist: "I pray for you that you will never need proof of this fact"

Otherwise ... believe in what you want. But be nice, decent, kind, respectful...😊

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