There is a lot of talk about reincarnation, about soulmates

But what do you know about the "twin soul"?

Posted by Mihaela on November 30, 2019

It is said that we re-incarnate as many times as necessary until we meet the twin soul.
That we can't end the things here on earth until we meet the "twin soul".
The "soul mate" can be found in anyone ... in a good friend, in a sister, in a brother ...

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While the "twin soul" can only be "our half"

Although the connection between the two halves is very close ... not always the two halves share life together ... they cannot always coexist physically, on a material level. But this is because one of the two may not have reached the spiritual level of the other.
Happy cases happen ... but in most cases the differences on the spiritual level are too great for the two to live together … Before meeting in the physical plan, these people communicate quite a lot at the telepathic level, until they change in their lives everything that the other person can enter.

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However, it is said that if this won't happen in the physical life, in the afterlife ... they will become a whole ... because the "physical part" will no longer exist … Interesting 😊

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